• To become a global provider of events that connects business with intelligence.
  • To be the No. 1 leading provider of business brilliant events in Malaysia, South East Asia & Asia Pacific region.
  • To be the prefered employer and to foster a culture of respect, learning, creativity, dedication and continuous improvement.
  • To nurture our employees to be thinkers, go-getters, high-achievers and dedicated. To fulfill the evolving needs of different levels and segments of our customers.
  • To foster sustainable future with green initiative in our business process.


  • To provide excellent customer experience through our 5-star customer service and quality programs.
  • To create opportunities to our clients to achieve competitive advantage and business growth through our customized programs and networking events.
  • To fulfill our promise of high quality and great value for commercialized events.
  • To bring international clients together and enhance their international business and networking opportunities.
  • We serve you better principle.

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 +603 - 5621 3630

 +603 - 5621 7790

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