The Professional Development Team

Align with the establishment of Comfori in Malaysia, we believed that the most important element in the training industry is undoubtedly an in-house training. In order to really deliver results and impact for an in-house training, the Professional Development Department was form as one of Comfori's important core to excel in the development industry. Equipped with a dynamic, diligent and fast response team that response to client needs effectively, the professional development team will cater to any needs that client requested for maximum outcome.

The team have a mindset and attitude of tailor-making the perfect in-house training for precious client through a set of outline customizations and an arsenal of competent trainers. By meeting your expectation in terms of outcome, content and budget The Professional Development Team are geared up and ready to cater to any needs that may inquired by you.

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 +603 - 5621 3630

 +603 - 5621 7790

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